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Print your own tickets: The OnlineTicket.


The OnlineTicket gives you your very own ticket counter. You can buy your tickets online and print them out yourself. All you need is a computer with Internet access and Adobe Reader installed, plus a laser or ink-jet printer and valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express Switzerland, Diners Club, JCB or myOne), debit card (PostFinance Card, Reka-Card) or a prepaid card (Visa/Mastercard).

After purchasing a ticket in SBB Ticket Shop, you will be provided with your OnlineTicket on the Internet, in the form of a PDF file for downloading. Just print out your ticket on normal A4 paper and off you go! N.B.: As OnlineTickets are personalised and non-transferrable, you must be able to provide the ticket collector with proof of your identity (a passport or ID card). If you hold a Half-Fare Card or GA travelcard it is sufficient to show the valid travelcard.

Test ticket

Before you buy an OnlineTicket for the first time make sure you download and print out the test ticket. Click "Download test ticket" and print the test ticket using Adobe Reader's print function (Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer).

If you can download and print out the test ticket, your computer and printer are ready to print OnlineTickets. If you are unable to print out the test ticket, read the following information:

Do not buy any OnlineTickets until you are able to print out the test ticket.